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Q : Why consider a DIY cabinet project?

A : myDIY Kitchen cabinets are made specifically for the DIY market, making it easy for anyone wanting to tackle a cost saving, value adding project in their own home!

Let's face it, costs are on the rise everywhere we look, so budget saving solutions are in demand more than ever. myDIY Kitchens offer cost saving cabinet solutions that don't comprise on quality.  We're South Australian just like you and proudly make all our products right here in Adelaide in roughly fifteen working days from the time your order is placed. 

Our online ordering means no big overheads, no commissions, no delays just great quality cabinets at Adelaide's best prices delivered to your door.....we've made kitchen buying easy!

Use myDIY cabinets and you'll have enough in the budget to do the Kitchen........and the Laundry!

Q : How do I save money using myDIY Cabinets?

A : Traditional kitchen renovation methods require many costly, labour intensive services to complete and in most cases are simply just not affordable.

myDIY products give our users the ability to save money by completing these costly tasks themselves. For example measuring your own space, designing your own layout, picking your own colour selections and managing your own installation - with the only cost being your cabinets!

Often myDIY Kitchens can save you up to 70% off traditional design and installation kitchen services meaning your project will come in under budget and one time!

Using our myDIY Kitchen Builder, coming in under budget for your project is possible!

myDIY Kitchens also recommend using licensed and registered trades throughout your installation process.

Q : Why choose myDIY Cabinets?

A : myDIY Kitchens are designed to save time and money but not comprise on quality.

The myDIY Kitchen builder enables you to design, quote and order your new project in minutes. Your order will be manufactured exactly to fit your space and delivered in roughly 15 working days.

What else makes our cabinets special....

- Pre-assembled cabinets mean no time consuming flatpack assembly 

- All our products are ready for immediate installation

- Made right here in South Australia by local people for local people 

- myDIY cabinets feature only BLUM lifetime warranty hardware with standard soft close drawers

- BLUM Hardware features 100% adjustable door and drawer alignment 

- 100% Australian made 'Highly Moisture Resistant' material in all carcass construction

Q : What if I'm unsure about where to start or I need help?

A : The myDIY Kitchens team are here to help every step along the way!

Not sure where to start, have a design question, or simply need some help with your colour selections our myDIY team can help any step along the way.

Phone, email, face to face, zoom let us know and we can assist to get you started.

Any questions simply click here

Q : If I'm unsure about my wall measurements what can I do?

A :  Simply let us know and we can pop out and check your measurements.

Once your order is placed, we will come to your location and measure your space to ensure a perfect fit if you require. Check measures are available only within the Adelaide metro area.

Q : How handy do you need to be to install your own cabinetry?

A : myDIY Kitchen cabinets are made specifically for the DIY market, making it easy for anyone wanting to tackle a cost saving, value adding project in your own home!

myDIY Kitchens cabinetry are a pre-assembled modular 'cabinet system' designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation. Consider your cabinetry installation like ‘block work’ with each cabinet being installed block by block. You will need some very basic handyman skills using a circular saw and cordless drill, although it's only your kicker and infill pieces that require cutting during the cabinet install stage. If you select the laminate bench top you may also need to make cutouts for your sink or cooktop appliances. In most cases these items do come with 'cut out' templates to trace into your bench top prior to cutting for that perfect fit finish.

Please see our online videos and downloadable guides for your convenience!

Q : Can you organise my cabinet installation for me?

A : Our myDIY team can quote and organise a local cabinet installer to complete your installation. This allows you to take advantage of the cost saving measure, design and online order steps yet still have that peace of mind the installation is taken care of.

Simply let us know once you have placed your order and we can supply an installation quote for you.

Q : Can I change my order once finalised and submitted?

A :
Once you submitted your order on the myDIY Kitchens builder, your order will go straight into the manufacturing process. This enables myDIY to have the quickest turnaround times for your cabinetry in the market!

If you are unsure or have any questions during the process, simply save your quote and get in touch with our design team. We can help with your design, layout or any tricky floor plans you may have.

Any questions simply click here.

Q : What if I leave outside of the 40km metro area?

A : myDIY Kitchen can deliver up to 300km from the Adelaide GPO and can assist you with a quote on having your order delivered quickly and efficiently. If you live outside of the 300km zone, we can consider regional transport carriers and transport times, enabling you to still take advantage of the myDIY experience in your area.

Q : What tools will I require for my installation?

A : You will need the following items - a tape measure, cordless drill or impact driver, circular saw, screwdrivers, pencil and good quality level. Other tools that would be handy but not always sessional would be a Combination sliding square, rubber mallet, clamps, electric planer, a jigsaw and lastly, a silicone or caulking gun.

For our 'tools required' video click here.

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