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Installation Overview: (35sec)

Understanding the myDIY Kitchens product and how to use the installation video series.

Safety Overview: (35sec)

Please ensure all safety precautions are used during every step of your myDIY installation kitchen.

Required Tools: (60sec)

Understanding the tools you'll require to complete your myDIY Kitchens project.

Installing Cabinet Feet: (55sec)

This guide will explain how easy it is to install the adjustable cabinet feet to your cabinet.

Dishwasher Void: (40sec)

This guide will explain how easy it is to install end panels and create a 605mm void for a dishwasher provision. 

Pilot Holes / Drill Bits / Fixings: (1min 15sec)

This guide will explain what hardware is required for your installation. 

Installation Planning: (55sec)

Ready to begin planning your renovation? This video will act as a helpful introduction to begin planning. 

Fixing Cabinets To Walls: (50sec)

Now you have a group of cabinets fixed together, it's time to work from one end to the other with your level. 

Sink Cabinet Installation: (50sec)

This guide will explain how to create a cutout in your laminate for your sink or stove top. 

Upper Cabinet Installation: (2min 15sec) 

This guide will instruct you through your upper cabinet installation. 

How To Install a Fridge Cabinet: (2min 50sec)

This guide will explain how to install your fridge panels and cabinet. 

Laminate Benchtop Installation: (1min 20sec)

Begin the final steps of your renovation with your benchtop fitting.

How To Fit Your Handles: (40sec)

This guide will show you how to fit your handles for your drawer and door faces. 

How To Fit Kickers: (2min 55sec) 

This guide will explain how to measure and fit your kickers for your cabinet. 

Door Adjustments: (20sec)

This video will show you how to remove your cabinet doors for any required adjustments needed.

Drawer Adjustments: (25sec)

This video will you show how to remove your cabinet drawers for any adjustments.

Flush Infill Installation: (2min 20sec)

This video will explain how to install your flush infills.

End Panel Installation: (50sec)

This video will explain how to fit your end panels.

If you can't install we can help!

We understand that not everyone has the tools or handy skills to install a kitchen...

That's why we've partnered with local installers, enabling us to advise you on the installation price and instantly book your installation into their schedule.

More videos are being added constantly, please contact our team via phone or email if you have any direct questions.

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