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Step 1: Refine Your Quote & Process Your Order

Our online quote and ordering platform allows you to refine your quote as often as you require.

Instantly see how adding drawers, shelving units, or different door options affects the price of your robe.

Once you're happy with the quote, simply process the payment online with a credit card, and you'll be instantly emailed a receipt.

Step 2: Schedule Your Pick-up or Delivery

Once you've completed the payment for the wardrobe, you'll be directed to our pick-up or delivery calendar, where you can select either a 1-hour delivery or a 30 minute pick-up window.

As soon as you schedule your pick-up or delivery we'll commence manufacturing your order!

Important: We manufacture orders to meet your selected pickup time. If you don't schedule a time, we cannot commence manufacturing. This helps us mitigate factory storage issues.

This is a straightforward process; we give you access to our pick-up and delivery calendar, enabling you to find the perfect time.

Step 3: Quality Control

By the next business day, we'll schedule the orders for our factory and order any products (black/white glass) that we don't keep on hand.

During this process, you'll be updated via email and SMS to ensure you know how your order is progressing.

Step 4: Manufacture

All products are manufactured in our North Plympton Factory.

  • Manufacture doors and tracks
  • Cut, drill, and label internal components
  • Assemble drawers

Step 5: Collect or Accept Delivery

We'll advise via SMS and email once your order has reached the end of the production line and is ready for collection or dispatch. 

This ordering and manufacturing process can be achieved in 10 business days!

Day 1 of 10 starts the following business after the online order.

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