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Video: How to measure your space

It's important to get the measurements correct for your brand new custom-made wardrobe. Please submit the smallest height and width measurement remembering to take into account levels.

Understanding Our Door Height Calculations

We use the height measurement of your space to calculate the height of the doors. Subtracting the total height of our 'track kit' components and allowing 24mm of play.

  • Floor Plate (16mm)
  • Bottom Track (10mm)
  • Top Track (1.2mm)
  • Play (24mm)

*This is assuming there is no pelmet, adding a pelmet would add a 16mm head plate above the top tracks.

1. Measure the height of your wardrobe

Measure from the base of the floor to the ceiling height. Input the smallest measurement into the myDIY Wardrobes builder taking into account levels. The maximum wardrobe height is 2730mm.

If your ceiling height is above 2730mm - Please contact a Packers wardrobe designer for an in-home measure and quote.

2. Measure the width of your wardrobe

Measure from the wall across to where you want your wardrobe to end. This is the maximum allowable width for your wardrobe.

Consider how much space you have, and how much storage you require. Input the smallest measurement into the myDIY Wardrobes builder.

3. Check the depth of your space

To maintain an economical product all depths are standard 600mm.

If you require a custom depth - Please contact a Packers wardrobe designer for a in-home measure and quote.

Wall Space

Now you have an idea as to the maximum width and height of your wardrobe, have a look at where your wardrobe will fit.

Wall to Wall

Location of the wardrobe is between two fixed walls. 

580mm Min. Depth.

Wall to End

Location of the wardrobe has a fixed wall on the LHS, but will require an end panel on the RHS.

End to Wall

Location of the wardrobe has a fixed wall on the RHS, but will require an end panel on the LHS. 

End to End

Where the wardrobe will require an end panel at both ends, therefore it does not abut into any fixed walls.

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