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General Conditions of Acceptance

  • By confirming your order all responsibility is on the purchaser to ensure all sizes, finishes and design meets your requirements
  • This quotation is for items listed only and in no case shall be taken to mean any other quantity sizes, or details that are not expressly included.
  • No variation of the order will be accepted.
  • Cancellation of the contract or part thereof will not be accepted without our written consent and on such terms as may be stipulated by us
  • Delivery shall be agreed upon by both the customer and supplier but the actual time taken will depend on the work loading in the factory at the time the order is placed
  • We shall not be liable to direct penalties or damages for the failure to deliver in the estimated time unless specifically accepted by us in this quotation and then subject to the conditions listed in Clause 18 of the R.A.I.A and M.B.F.A Agreement Edition 4.
  • All goods are insured against loss or damage in transit and a buyer’s signature on the carrier's receipt at the time of delivery will be regarded as sufficient evidence that the goods have been inspected and found free from damage or shortage.
  • No alterations or variations of these condition will be accepted unless in writing and agreed by us.
  • Prices quoted are fixed for 30 days from the quotation date unless otherwise agreed in writing, or advertised separately.
  • The Warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser.
  • No liability for damage from misuse

Our main obligations

  • We will make and supply the product as detailed and specified in the Conditions of Acceptance.

Our Warranty

  • 12 month warranty applies subject to the terms and conditions.

Our right to fix

  • If at any time you claim the product is defective, you must tell us by written notice within 7 days of completion. If we accept responsibility, we have the right to fix the effect, but we must do so within 21 days.

Unforeseen Circumstances

  • We are not responsible for any problems with the site, which are only revealed when installing the product e.g. electrical wiring, water pipes, etc.
  • In the event of any product damage upon receiving your order please inform your myDIY representative within 24 hours of accepting your product delivery.

Work by you

  • We are not responsible for the removal and re-connection of electrical/security wiring or plumbing.


  • We may sub-contract any of our obligations. You must not give instructions to our subcontractors nor directly employ our subcontractors for further works without our approval.

Liability of Product on Site

  • The product is at your risk once it is delivered and installed to site.


  • We will have public liability insurance of at least $5m and recommend that you are similarly insured.

Third-Party Warranties

  • In any event of a failure or warranty claim surrounding a third-party product failure, myDIY will support the replacement of this product, provided it meets the terms of the warranty. myDIY can not provide, supply or reimburse for services for labour, goods or otherwise that are related to the replacement of this warranty product. This includes any removal and re-installation of items relating to the warranty.

Your Joint and Several liability

  • If there is more than one of you then,
    • All your obligations are joint
    • We only have to give notice to one of you
    • Only one of you need to accept a quote or sign a notice, and then all are bound.
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