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What Size Drawers Will I Receive?

We have 3x standard width drawers:

  • 458mm (w)
  • 608mm (w)
  • 833mm (w)

We'll use the width and your selected internal configuration to determine the widest drawer feasible for your requirements. A big robe doesn't necessarily mean big drawers, there are lots of considerations, mainly ensuring your doors don't obstruct their functionality.

Wardrobe Components & Factory Tour

Watch the below video to get an understanding of what's included in our custom sliding wardrobes and where you'll collect your wardrobe from.

How Do We Calculate Door Height?

We use the height measurement of your space to calculate the height of the doors. Subtracting the total height of our 'track kit' components and allowing 24mm of play.

  • Floor Plate (16mm)
  • Bottom Track (10mm)
  • Top Track (1.2mm)
  • Play (24mm = -12mm/+12mm)

*This is assuming there is no pelmet, adding a pelmet would add a 16mm head plate above the top tracks.

Q: Can I request a specific time for my delivery?

A: Yes, we allow customers to pick a 1-hour time block from our delivery schedule. Customers are sent a link to choose a time as soon as their order is processed. View delivery details here.

Q: When and where can I collect my order?

A: Once your order has been processed, you'll be sent a link to schedule your pick-up time. This will ensure our factory storeman is expecting you and your robe is ready for collection. View pick-up details here.

Q: How will my wardrobe be packed?

A: All internal melamine pieces will be loose and flat individual pieces. Doors, jambs and tracks will also be loose and flat.

Q: What is the size of the top track?

A: 82mm wide x 40mm high

Q: What screws/fixings are included?

A: The quantity of screws included is based on your robe size and selected configurations.
Please download our screw kit for an itemised list.

Q: What is the size of the bottom track?

A: 82mm wide x 10mm high

Q: What is the warranty period

A: 5 years on materials only (View warranty details here)

Q: What are the drawers made from?

A: The drawers are made from 12mm vinyl wrap particle board, with a 3mm base.

Q: What runners are used on the drawers?

A: Single-sided metal runners with nylon wheels

Q: What material are the internals made from?

A: 16mm particle board core with white melamine facings

Q: What is the height of the top shelf?

A: All our internal fit-outs have the top shelf at 2000 high from floor level

Q: Can I change my order after I have placed an order?

A: No changes can be made after you have placed an order

Q: How far from Adelaide do you deliver?

A: We deliver 40km from Adelaide GPO, you can pick it up from our factory at North Plympton

Q: What level of carpentry skills are required to install the wardrobe?

A: You will need to be competent in carpentry skills at a medium level to install this product. View our how-to-install page to gauge the complexity of the installation process.

Q: What happens if I ordered with the incorrect sizes?

A: Since there are no changes to any orders after placing your order please ensure all details are correct (see our How to measure video and tips...)

Q: How deep are the internals?

A: All internals are 442mm deep

Q: My wardrobe is wall to wall, but I don’t have 600 deep, will this still work.

A: If your robe depth is 580mm or greater you can still use this product

Q: Can I install this on top of the carpet?

A: Yes it can be installed on top of any type of flooring, but it is always best to check with your flooring manufacturer.

Q: How long does it take to install the wardrobe?

A: Depending on your skill level, 1-3 wardrobes per day is achievable depending on size.

Q: Will it be ready in 10 days?

A: All wardrobes are custom-made with in-stock materials. The only exception is ‘Black Glass’, ‘White Glass’, occasionally our supplier may not be able to deliver the materials quickly enough. Once the order is placed, we’ll advise customers if this will be an issue, and potentially add 2-3 business days to the manufacturing process.

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