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What Layout is Your Kitchen?

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L-Shape Kitchen

'L-Shape' kitchens comprise two separate walls with one 90° corner cabinet joining the two.

U-Shape Kitchen

'U-Shape' kitchens comprise of three separate walls with two 90° corner cabinets joining the left to the middle and the middle to the right.

Straight Kitchen

'Straight' kitchens are simply one-wall configuration with no corner cabinets.

Galley Kitchen

'Galley' kitchens comprise two separate straight wall configurations on separate walls that don't join. They are generally opposite each other.

Peninsula Kitchen

A 'Peninsula' can be created with either a 'U-shape' or 'L-shape' kitchen. 

This means one of the sides of the kitchen isn't against a wall and protrudes into the room.

To create a peninsula the benchtop depth is increased from 600mm to 900mm and adds a bar-back to the protruding cabinets that create the peninsula.

Island Bench

'Island Benches' can be added to both 'straight' and L-shape' kitchens. An Island Bench has standard 600mm deep cabinets with a 900mm bench top.

Two end panels and a bar-back are provided in the selected door/panel style.

Can't see what you're looking for?

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